I love the format of a picture book, the way images and words combine to tell a story.

Eric Carle is a master of this.  “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?” presents an image of an animal (or bird) and invites us to anticipate what might come next.  Turn the page and the reward is there in the boldest most colourful image!

I attempt to include movement in my stories.  Life has a continuous flow of changing moments.  In “What the Wind Blows in”, the wind is the wind of change which brings change to Mr. Badger.

The natural world is a visual feast.  I wonder at the beauty and intricacy of life.  I am amazed by the design of a bird’s feather, for example, or the way the wind ripples through the tall grass.  Children too are fascinating and inspiring.  I am sometimes struck by their innocent awareness and profound statements that view life in such a fresh way.